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Pastor Bruce H. Wall

How My Life Changed

excerpt from an article written by Jeremy Schwab circa 2009

The Rev. Bruce Wall camped out in an apartment on Lyndhurst Street in Dorchester all of last week with a mission to lead neighborhood patrols and reach out to drug dealers and other miscreants who terrorize the law-abiding residents of the neighborhood.

Wall’s week-long campaign garnered intense local and national media attention, although its long-term effects cannot yet be known.

Taking a short break from his frenetic efforts to take back the streets around Codman Square, Wall spoke with the Banner about his life and turbulent upbringing in Roxbury.

The 56-year-old has not always walked the path of righteousness. While he has dedicated most of the past 30 years to encouraging youths to stay away from drugs and violence, Wall once ran with the wrong crowd himself.

Growing up on Monroe and Cedar streets in the 1950s and 1960s, he struggled to find direction in a household run by a single mother with the lure of street life always beckoning.

“We were on welfare, and during the days my mother would go to Newton and Wellesley to clean the suburban homes to supplement the income,” he said. “She used to take me on some Saturdays, so I used to help make the beds, clean the sinks, mow the lawns. I got out of that as a child what I call a “work ethic.”

Despite the strong example set by his mother, who got off of welfare and found a job at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton, Wall fell in with an unruly crowd at Brighton High School.

At 16, his friends convinced him to be their get-away driver as they stole car radios and other car parts. Wall and his friends would race recklessly down the expressway for fun.

He said he did other mischievous things after moving to the Bromley Heath Housing Project, but declined to discuss them.

Two traumatic events in his life negatively impacted his behavior, Wall said. First, his father left him, his mother and three sisters when Wall was seven. Then in junior high school, Wall came home with his mother from church one day only to find their house was burning down.

After the fire, the Red Cross moved the family into a roach-infested apartment in Roxbury. But when teenagers broke in the first night to have sex, his mother promptly moved them to Mission Hill.

Wall’s anti-social behavior almost kept him from graduating from high school. Just two weeks before his graduation, Wall walked out of school and refused to return after an altercation with a football coach.

“It was my senior year,” he said. “I didn’t know what I was going to do, where I was going to go. I was home just a few days when either 

[algebra teacher] Elizabeth Tobin or someone else my mother sent to me talked me into coming back. It was two weeks before my graduation. How stupid can you be?”But as an unknown future loomed ahead of him, a minister Wall had known for years steered his life in a new direction.

Rev. Michael Haynes had taken an interest in Wall’s well-being when the boy attended youth programs at Haynes’ church during junior high school.

Haynes became involved in Walls’ life, even taking him on an eye-opening trip to Senegal during high school.

“I went to Senegal and saw black kids younger than myself speaking four languages,” said Wall. “I said wait a minute, we are here in Roxbury beating people on the head, threatening people. When we came back to the U.S., I said I can start doing something with myself.”

Haynes convinced Wall to attend the predominantly white Berkshire Christian College in Lenox.

During college, a cash-strapped Wall would hitchhike back to Roxbury to serve as youth minister at the Twelfth Baptist Church, where Haynes was head minister.

Wall spent 14 years as a youth minister at Twelfth Baptist, eventually moving his ministry out to the streets to reach out to teens at the Chez Vous roller skating rink in the late 1980s.

“I felt I needed to help these kids as a pastor, because I didn’t think the court system was doing a great job,” he said.

During the 1980s, Wall worked prominently in the Drop a Dime – Report Crime campaign to encourage community members to call the police with anonymous tips.

He became co-pastor at Dorchester Temple Baptist Church in Codman Square in 1993 with a white minister, Craig McMullen, in an effort to cultivate a multi-racial congregation. Wall now serves as senior pastor at the same church, now re-named Global Ministries Christian Church.

Pastor Bruce Wall married Karin Eato-Smith in June of 1988. He and his wife have three adult children.

For Speaking Engagements: Call Pastor Karin M. Wall at 857-991-5542


Write: Pastor Karin Wall, 670 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA 02124


Pastor Karin M. Wall

Karin Eato Smith-Wall, originally from New York, came to Boston in the late 70’s to attend college. She married Bruce Wall, in 1987 and conceded that Boston was home. She and Bruce have 3 adult children. Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury, is where she became a Christian, was discipled and prepared for life and ministry. In 1988 she and Bruce departed from Twelfth Baptist Church and launched an outreach ministry at a roller skating rink. This was thought to be radical at the time. They held “church” services there and outreach to families who may not have come into a church building, but wanted to hear the Gospel. Eventually this effort launched into Bruce Wall Ministries (BWM), and included a computer center with classes and after school program, day camp summer employment and re-entry work. PK (Pastor K) became a certified NFTE (national foundation for training entrepreneurs) trainer and helped teens to launch their own ventures. Over the 13 years working for BWM as the executive director the ministry flourished and provided hope and skills to countless individuals.
She earned an undergraduate degree from Suffolk University in psychology; a Master of Social Work and Master of Arts in African American Studies from Boston University. The latter two she received simultaneously. Karin is a licensed American-Baptist Minister; a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker; a certified trainer in Outcome Measurements and an active alumnus of the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative. Since 1993 she has pastored with her husband at Global Ministries Christian Church. In addition to preaching/teaching Karin is passionate about helping others to achieve breakthrough in their life, according to God’s will and using their spiritual gifts to contribute to improve the body of Christ. Ms. Wall is a licensed independent social worker, and works in an elementary school helping to improve upon the life of students and families who have experienced, loss, trauma, undiagnosed learning differences including ADHD. She believes most children can become successful adults given the right guidance and support. PK is a regular speaker at women’s events. Pastor Karin and Pastor Wall’s children are the joys of their life. A big believer in self reflection and self care, PK loves to curl up with a good book, enjoys time with her family, traveling, the outdoors and tropical warm beaches.


Pastor Barbara Hamilton

Barbara J. Hamilton was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She accepted Jesus Christ into her life under the ministry of Dr. Michael E. Haynes, of Twelfth Baptist Church, on September 29, 1975. Upon her conversion she immediately was sold out for Christ and became active in numerous ministries in the life of her church. Pastor Hamilton holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Berkshire Christian College; Teacher’s Certification from Emmanuel College; Master of Education from Cambridge College; and a Master of Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago. She holds current licenses as a Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), American Baptist Minister, and certified as a Elementary Teacher and K-12 School Adjustment Counselor, and Director/Supervisor Certification. She is currently employed as the K – 12 METCO Academic Director for the Lexington (Massachusetts) Public School System and recently resigned as Adjunct Professor at Urban College of Boston (Massachusetts). Barbara responded to God’s call into the ministry and was licensed to preach in 1998. She currently serves on the ministerial staff of Dr. Bruce H. Wall at Global Ministries Christian Church and she is the Pastor to Children and Families. Pastor Hamilton has been invited to speak for numerous youth groups, revivals, and Women’s Day Programs. She has led seminars and workshops on matters relating to family issues, singleness, dating & sexuality, educating minority children, mentoring and cultural competence. She has dedicated her life to reflecting the redemptive love of Jesus Christ to those she comes in contact with. Her sustaining Bible verse is “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9



Pastor Maurice Greaves

Rev. Dr. Greaves grew up in the Mattapan section of Boston. He is the only son born to Jim and Beryl Greaves and brother to Renee, Nicole and Danielle. He has been married to his wife Karen for 15 years and they are parents of two wonderful daughters, Angelica and Gabriella.

As an infant, he was dedicated at Twelfth Baptist Church, Roxbury, MA, by Rev. Dr. Michael Haynes. Through observing authentic Christianity in the leaders of the Karate Ministry, Baptist Youth Fellowship, TBC Basketball Team and other positive role models, Dr. Greaves gave his life to Christ when he was 13 years old and was baptized. On September 14, 2003, he was licensed to preach and in July, 2010 he was ordained through the American Baptist Denomination. He continues to serve in ministry at the Global Ministries Christian Church as the leader of The Bible Institute and Coordinator of The Missions Committee.

Dr. Greaves graduated from Salem State College with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. In May of 2008, he obtained a Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where on May 7, 2016 he also achieved his Doctor of Ministry Degree in The Preacher and The Message track. 

Dr. Greaves worked as a licensed social worker (LSW) for the Department of Children and Families for fifteen years where he served as a crisis intervention worker, a PAYA worker (preparing young adolescents for adulthood), a master facilitator for the Nurturing Fathers Program and was a mentor for numerous first year male social workers. Presently, Dr. Greaves is a Probation Officer at Suffolk Superior Court in Boston.

His life verse is Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ, I no longer live, but Christ lives in me, The life that I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”


Staff and Church Leaders 

  • Senior Pastor, Pastor Bruce Wall
  • Pastor & Women’s Ministry, Pastor Karin Wall
  • Audio Visual Ministry, Deacon Renee Wise, Glynnette Scott, Camryn Lezama, Jeremy Porter, Ross Pendleton
  • Bible Institute, Pastor Maurice Greaves
  • Boston Praise Radio & TV, Pastor Bruce Wall – Founder and CEO, Deacon Renee Wise – Station Manager and Franklin Hobbs – Assistant Station Manager
  • Church Clerk, Deacon Salahaldin Wise
  • Church Treasurer, Pastor Barbara Hamilton
  • Cleaning Ministry, Deacon Renee Wise, Deacon Edna Seay
  • Counter, Carol Major
  • Dance Ministry, Glynnette Scott
  • Fellowship Dinner, Deacon Edna Seay
  • Friday Evening Prayer Meeting, Deacon Auvrel Shelton, Glynnette Scott
  • Greeters Ministry, Deacon Edna Seay
  • Hospitality Ministry, Deacon Edna Seay
  • Karate Ministry, Sensei Richard Scott
  • Landscape Ministry, Deacon Kingsley Woodstock
  • Men’s Ministry, Deacon Salahaldin Wise
  • New Members Class, Pastor Bruce Wall
  • Praise Team, Pastor Wendell Hobbs
  • Prayer Line Ministry, Deacon Auvrel Shelton, Pastor Karin Wall and Deacon Renee Wise
  • Security Ministry, Deacon Salahaldin Wise
  • Ushers Ministry, Michele Porter
  • Worship Service Coordinator, Deacon Salahaldin Wise, Deacon Kingsley Woodstock, Lauren Ann Britt
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