Thanksgiving and Codman Park Outreach

Our efforts in the 2023 Thanksgiving Outreach and Friday Night Codman Park Outreach are continual ministries. Codman Park is a  Ministry, (weather permitting) where a Prayer Station is set up for people in the community to share prayer concerns, be prayed for and have a conversation about who Jesus is, His unconditional love and saving grace.

The Thanksgiving Outreach is built upon the Codman Park Ministry because we invite people we pray for on Friday nights to the annual dinner.  Since its inception in 2015, this ministry has grown to deliver prepared hot meals, feed those who are affected by housing insecurity, deliver meals to senior citizens and to provide not only meals but groceries to persons living in Boston, Quincy and Cambridge.
The Outreach Ministry Leader is Pastor Maurice S. Greaves




Thanksgiving Outreach 2023 Video

Photos from 2022 Thanksgiving Outreach

Friday Night Codman Park Outreach Ministry

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