Breakthrough Women’s Ministry

Breakthrough Women’s Ministry (BWM)

Breakthrough Women’s Ministry is the outreach from Global Ministries Christian Church. Its aim is to minister and strengthen each other and other women in need.

The Vision is to see each woman recognize their unique call by God and boldly proclaim it to the nations. Because of the unique testimony God has given to Pastor Karin Wall, God gave her the desire to see every woman achieve breakthrough in their lives.

Currently BWM is a multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-racial group of women who worship God whole heartedly, walk in purpose, seek genuine fellowship with each other, mentor younger women and rightly divide the “Word of Truth”.

A hallmark of BWM is in each woman being transparent and sharing what God has done through and for them. BWM is known for hosting "Breakfast With a Purpose" on Saturday's monthly where women of all ages gather for a time of fellowship, learning and encouragement.

The Women’s Ministry is overseen by Pastor Karin Wall along with an able body of dedicated women of all ages.